Ohmibod vibrator, it’s time to play with your lover

In the event that you have been searching for a toy that can be utilized anywhere and controlled with remote, from your room to the bar OhMiBod sex toys have made that is certain to energize you! The OhMiBod vibrator is a vibrator controlled with remote and Bluetooth that fits directly into your undies, molded against your body, to convey vibrations managed by an application on your advanced mobile phone.

Utilizing their novel portable application, you can control the toy from over the room, or even from over the mainland. The toy is made of body-safe materials, has an incredible ergonomic plan, and conveys light, buzzy vibrations to ohmibod girls that are intended to tickle and bother to delight, as opposed to by momentously orgasmic unless light vibrations send you over the edge. The ohmibod vibrator will create an amazing bonding between you and your partner on a dinner. With special ohmibod vibrations that are perfect, to feel but will not let others know what is happening down there.

Design and size

The ohmibod sex toys are little vibrator that can fit in hand and they have following specifications

  • The length is 3.75 inches to fit all sizes
  • 75 inches crawls over the ohmibod girls.
  • It is lightweight and bent so you can serenely hold it
  • Fit it into your underwear perfectly.
  • Indeed, OhMiBod incorporates Size Fits Most underwear with the ohmibod sex toys, intended to impeccable fit with the vibrator
  • It’s blue ribbon thong undies that are delicate and extremely decent.
  • The toy is composed with wide bends and directed lump planned toward touch your clitoris, which implies you can utilize it to make expensive or pinpoint vibrations.
  • The pinpoint precision can be utilized for clitoral incitement, while the more extensive edges are intended to empower the labia.
  • This outline is additionally implied for ohmibod girls underwear play so it can remotely fit along your bends, either over or under undies.
  • By and by, it is a solid match with the life systems and splendidly fits inside the underwear particularly those with a little pocket, conceded the undies is sufficiently tight to hold it close to you.
  • You do not need to wear it with a skirt or dress so no one can see it protruding through.
  • This toy is sufficiently little that it could fit under jeans, insofar as they are not super skinnies for an ohmibod vibrator.

The toy is made totally out of ABS plastic beside the catch and charging a port cover. The whole toy has the delicate, smooth feeling to it, yet its firm similar to plastic. The firm material is perfect for crushing against or making a consistent skim with a decent lube. It additionally accompanies a travel pocket. The OhMiBod sex toys are little, and could undoubtedly fit in your drawers. It is sufficiently watchful that it could even stay there with no one taking note. You can even continue everything together in the first box, on the off chance that you would lean toward.

Sadly, the OhMiBod vibrator is proof of the sprinkle however not waterproof, so be cautious while cleaning. As opposed to washing it with water and cleanser, we would suggest utilizing a toy cleaner or wipes. The manual says you can utilize water and cleanser, however not to submerge it the distance. Make sure to avoid the power catch. Additionally, ensure the USB port cover is shut! On the off chance that it is open, you could wreck the battery and vibrating mechanics of ohmibod.

Power and Vibrations

The OhMiBod vibrator is simple to utilize. You can turn it on and spin through the setting with the pressing button on the ohmibod sex toys, or associate it with your advanced mobile phone utilizing the Remote App for ohmibod.

The position of the button is agreeable because you do not need to connect of the best approach to change the capacity. It is in flawless reach of your fingers. In case you are utilizing the application, you can control the vibrations with your telephone inside a 26 foot separate or by means of wifi, to your lover anywhere on the planet. Matching your telephone to the toy is simple, and the OhMiBod girls accompany guidelines in the manual.

The vibrations are light and buzzy and would be best for somebody who leans towards lighter, tickling, prodding vibrations. They are about the quality of an iPhone vibration at their maximum. The toy has four examples, portrayed underneath. It is additionally expected to have a movement control, tap, and record and sound record capacities. The settings are of the ohmibod vibrator are:

  • Teasing Vibration
  • Normal Pulsation
  • Crazy ride Escalation
  • Fast Pulsation

The ohmibod sex toys have a perceptible humming sound yet it is sufficiently calm that it is hard to hear in an open place however sufficiently noisy to be heard in a quiet room. It is rechargeable by means of a USB port, with 1 hour of utilization time, and around 2 hours charge time until it is completely charged.


  • Sleek and amazing design
  • Charging and utilization is easy
  • Smartphone control is available


  • The sound of vibration and light
  • Ohmibod sex toys are not waterproof

Final Verdict

The ohmibod vibrator has a truly extraordinary outline and the usefulness of being controlled with remote is astounding. Particularly when it is from your advanced cell phone. At the cost, you likewise wish that the vibrations were more grounded and even more rumble, more changed with various examples and that ohmibod was waterproof.

On the off chance that you are searching for a capable vibrator with mid-level to serious vibrations, this is not the best toy for you. Largely, It would be prescribed as it’s one of the main vibrators out there offering this innovation, and it’s fitted for the ohmibod girl’s underwear. However, it could remain for a makeover with some more components to coordinate the top of the line cost.


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